RC Joins the Global Student’s Dialogue

On Wednesday, December, 9, 8 RC students and RC’s International Project Development Coordinator Rima Berro-Oliver as the facilitator, took part in The Global Student’s Dialogue which tackles issues of social justice, environmental challenges, and global pandemics. Students from Canada, Chile, England, Ghana, India, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and the US joined the debate and shared their knowledge, skills, experiences, and collectively develop understandings about the competencies required to tackle these important challenges today, and in the future.

Despite the pandemic, global educators continue to innovate and create channels to connect students to a wealth of knowledge, people, and resources of which education has never experienced before. RC, as well, prepares the students for this globalized information exchange which can be a challenging task but nevertheless a huge opportunity.

A L10 student, explains his experience as follows: "It was such an amazing experience to attend this event. During the pandemic, we have a lot of disadvantages, but other people being at the reach of your hand is fantastic. I heard about what breaks people’s hearts the most, and although there was this “climate change” overarching theme, people in each country came up with some other problem. I realized that, although we stressed one issue more than the other, all of us had similar issues: racism, wars…. But, the impact on our lives was different. The more impact it has on us, we are more knowledgable about it, so we mutually benefited from the learning experience." A L9 student says, "The opportunity was more than great, every single person had a very high level of awareness which I -to be honest- wasn’t quite expecting. It also was very encouraging to see that so many people want to do something, and in fact, are doing it for the world to be a better place." RC’s International Project Development Coordinator Rima Berro-Oliver explained her insight: "I’m extremely proud of our students: how they represented us at Robert College; how they represented Turkey; and how they clearly demonstrated to the international community their intricate understanding and deep knowledge of multiple perspectives, and how we can all thrive in an increasingly interconnected world."

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