Alumni Welcomed to Campus for Homecoming

On November 7, alumni from all different years came together on campus for Homecoming, after waiting for so long to slowly return to regular conditions.

For the first time in history, alumni gathered outdoors on the parking lot in front of the Maze, instead of on the traditional Gould stairs, as they traditionally do.. All activities were organized outdoors, taking the pandemic precautions into account. 

Another first was having The traditional Roll Call was held in the Maze for the first time in the history of Homecoming. It was packed with all alumni sharing the similar longing feeling for their Alma Mater. Mehmet Baler RC 51, sang school songs, as he does every year traditionally, and all alumni sang the school song ending the ceremony ended with the singing of the school song.

The orchestra jazzed up the Homecoming atmosphere with their catchy repertoire which they played from the morning until the Roll Call, – attracting the attention of a big crowd.

More than 500 graduates graduated visited the campus, enjoying the memories reminisces of their days on campus.

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