Student Writers Celebrated at Jane Page Competition

Robert College celebrated the 10th annual Jane Page English Writing Competition on Thursday, April 26th in the full grand hall of the library. Aptly, Vladimir Nabokov deems a writer as someone who serves “as a storyteller, as a teacher, and as an enchanter,” and that is exactly what these stories, poems, and short scripts have done. The tradition of having winning writers’ works read by their English teachers once again delighted the winners and the audience alike.


The Poetry Category was won by L11 Deniz Yagmur Urey for her finely crafted Villanelle that circles around a philosophical idea:


           “Another day and God is thinking of everybody

           the burden of being in someone’s mind is eternal

           little bit of us, tiny bit of you, tiny bit of me.”

There were two honorable mentions: L11 Defne Gundogdu for her poem, “Rapunzel Retold,” and L11 Nil Funda Kincak’s “The Language of Senators and Nerds.”


The Short Story Category recognized two winners who rose above the other submissions given their control of language and risk taking. Senior Atlas Kaan Yilmaz’s story, “All the Little Lights” is a poignant tale of a lonely and his obsessive relationship with his city. The second winner, L11 was Su Doga Karaca for her emotionally profound story about a child losing their parent at a young age. The story was entitled: “Eight to Nine.”


There were three Certificates of Merit awarded for these short stories: L11 Ilgin Sezer’s “Blue,” L12 Kristal Doga Menguc for “Your New Home,” and L10 Elif Naz Ervatan’s “Cirque du Poisson.”


Two additional stories were recognized with Honorable Mentions: L11 Azra Haseki’s “Movement II” and L11 Selen Onculoglu’s “This is a Train Ride from Ankara to Tbilisi.”


Finally, the Short Script Category recognized two winners. L12 student, Atlas Kaan Yilmaz won once again for his script “Welcoming.” The play embraces the absurd by allowing the audience to enter an alternative reality through the use of mythological, symbolic, religious, and even holy characters in a contemporary situation. The second winner was Gizem Dogan’s complex and smartly-packaged short play, “The Interrogee.” The play asks the audience to rethink what we deemed obvious or at least to question what we are taught to assume is obvious.


An Honorable Mention was awarded to the talented L12 Mehmet Tufek for his play entitled, “The Execution.” Mehmet has been recognized several times before at the Jane Page Ceremony as well as by the Columbia University Granger Poetry Competition.


Established in 2009 by English teacher Maura Kelly, the Jane Page Writing Competition recognizes the top creative writers of the RC community.

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