Jane Page Award Winners are Announced

On May 28th, RC celebrated the 12th annual Jane Page writing competition. With school buildings still closed, the ceremony as held on-line on Zoom.

“RC history includes students and teachers supporting one another through trying times. The vagrancies of government, the machinations of politics, an unstable economy --- RC’s been through them all, and worse. But as Dr. (Mary) Patrick (Mills) writes of her students’ ability to learn during war years: ‘Eager students will always find a way.’”

This quote is found in the 1997 RC Quarterly Spring Edition, in an article entitled, “Life During Wartime at RC” by historian Ranald Totten. The article focused on the fact that RC stayed open throughout World War I and World War II.

Although the ambience of the library and the sweet smells of the wisteria were missed, participants were consoled by the “eager students” who wrote such winning entries.

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