RC Community Enjoyed the Literary Week

The Library team organized the long-awaited Literary Week. During the week of October 25th, many activities were organized to revive and discuss the books and the characters all students have been influenced from.

Activities such as character mask decoration, bookface photo shootings, competitions and exhibitions took place. “Things You Forgot in Our Books” exhibition got a lot of attention as materials left in books as bookmarks were collected since past few years by our librarian Gözde Zengin as it gives clues to reading habits of the RC Community. Speaker Event, with Gazi Mehmet Emin Adanalı from Boğaziçi University about “The Evolution of Graphic Narrative: Comics and Graphic Novels” was a popular activity among students and teachers.

The most fun and iconic activity of the week “Book Character Costume Day” had a large group of participants, proving that the RC family has missed dressing up as their favorite character. The traditional picture in front of the Gould steps proves just that!

The week ended with “Drop Everything and Read” session where all classes, students and teachers spent 20 minutes together reading their books of choice.

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