The Turkish Theater Club’s Performance of Midas’ Ears

The Turkish Theater Club staged Güngör Dilmen’s Midas’ Ears on March 27, 28 and 29. King Midas finds himself in the middle of a contest between lyre player Apollon and flute player Pan. When he gives his judgment, Apollon punishes him and gives him the ears of an ass. King Midas shares this secret with his barber. The barber cannot hold on to his secret for long and eventually whispers it into a well, so the gossip spreads to the entire country. King Midas finds it hard to live with his punishment but in the end, he is able to make it look as a source of pride to the people. However Apollon gives him back his ears, and thus punishes him a second time. The actors, made up of  LP, L9 and L10 students, wonderfully reflected the reaction of the population to King Midas’ transformation.  

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