RC Indie Theatre Produces Student's Original Play

Indie Theatre performed Imza, an original play written and directed by L12 students, on December 28. During a dinner with her fiancé Halil and parents Suzan and İbrahim, Gaye announces her intention of marrying Halil, who in a great spot of comedy remarks that nothing much will change anyway. Gaye then becomes ill under mysterious circumstances and falls into a coma. Thereafter, all relationships fall into turmoil, as the overbearing mother and reticent father cannot agree on what to do with Gaye. What becomes most painful is that a few of the parties close to Gaye begin to put their own suffering at the center of attention as Gaye continues to lie in her coma. Even the psychologist seems less interested in healing Suzan and Ibrahim's relationship and more interested in satisfying her own ego. Dilmen's realistic dialogue bubbles with heat and Temel's weaving between the realistic scenes in the home and dream scenes result in a captivating RC original play. ​

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