Ending the Year with Creative Workshops

RC students and faculty offered RC community over 70 creative workshops from June 21 to June 30.

When the MEB announced that schools should remain active until July 2nd ,an invitation was opened to all students, staff, and faculty to either present a workshop or to be a participant.

Workshops were offered in an incredibly wide range of topics: bee Keeping, creative writing, flower pressing, theater, tennis, golf, chess, the RC rare book collection, composting, and more, with titles such as “Going Down the Rabbit Hole with Integration,” “Chalk Street Art,” “Find Your Sit Spot,” and “Cryptography: The Math of Secret Codes.”.

According to LP-3 student, Ece, “We were able to choose according to our interests and according to the topics we want to discover. So it was enjoyable. There was a variety of workshops so it was helpful.” Students were invited onto campus for four of the eight workshop days making the school and grounds full of animated discussions once again. Additionally, remote sessions were offered to accommodate those who could not make it physically. English and Film teacher, Jameson Vierling expressed, “What impressed me the most of seeing teachers and students in a different light, sharing their passions, and allowing the teachers to be students and the students to be teachers because we all can and do learn from each other.”

The intention behind offering the workshops was to end a difficult year by celebrating and centering on what we all love: learning and being curious. It was great that teachers had a chance to be students again and students became the teachers. This approach enabled our community to end the year in a positive and affirming way, reminding us all of what makes our school special.

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