The opportunities Robert College offers in the areas of art and music enable students to discover their creativity, potential, talent and interests, and to learn more about themselves. 

Our school offers opportunities to students at every grade level according to age and interests. Some students only want to explore a new musical technique, while others plan to follow a path to becoming a professional musician or artist. 

In addition to instrumental music clubs such as cello and saxophone, which require a highly disciplined approach, we also have clubs such as the Modern Music Production, where electronic programs are explored by discussing the integration of art and technology. 

The rich variety of clubs also promotes students’ curiosity and equips them to develop in numerous areas. Some examples include the Musicianship club that prepares students for the ABRSM theory exams, the Ceramics club that encourages students to work with clay in a variety of ways, the Film Critique club where students learn to how to read films and explore the cinematic arts of directors like Kubrick, Scorsese, Farhadi and Bergman, and the Orchestra club and RC Singers choir whose members’ year-long efforts culminate in competitions and stage performances. 

Our Music Department in Suna Kıraç Hall includes two classrooms, an orchestra room, a dance studio, and six rehearsal rooms with pianos, percussion instruments and several other instruments. The Art Department in Sage Hall has two large studios with a number of materials used for different art disciplines, including drawing and painting. We have a darkroom for photography classes, materials for digital photography and editing, alternative photography equipment, ceramics materials, a printmaking machine, a potter’s wheel and a kiln. Our printing tools and equipment can be used for a variety creative printing projects.

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