Performance arts help students develop their self-expression and communication skills, and introduce them to the various elements of one of the world’s oldest arts forms - the theater - in the areas of stage, backstage and makeup. The students learn acting methods and develop self-confidence, discipline and responsibility. They experiment with different genres of contemporary and classical theater art, contribute to the creative process, and play minor and major roles. The Modern Dance club members produce their own original choreography for their performances. 

Robert College has produced many great Turkish theater actors and actresses over the years. Artists like Haldun Dormen, Genco Erkal, Nevra Serezli and Engin Cezzar first appeared on RC’s stage. The school believes in the importance of arts education in the development of the students, and tries to give every student the opportunity to develop and to perform in the arts area of their choice. The Suna Kıraç Theater on campus, with a seating capacity of over 500, allows students to share their work with a large audience.

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