Robert College has taken many precautions to protect our community throughout the pandemic. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, while continuing to maintain high-quality learning which the school is known for.

RC continues to monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Turkish Ministry of Health, and Turkish Ministry of Education, and make adjustments to its policies based on the advice of these organizations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Robert College has been dedicated to keeping members of the community informed and updated on the measures we are taking. Regular messages are sent to students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. There is frequent communication among community members to support and ensure everyone’s well-being. 

In March 2020 learning moved from in-person classes to online. Over the years our faculty have received training to support “anytime anywhere” learning. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Education Technology team guided teachers throughout the move to distance learning to ensure classes could continue seamlessly.

The 2020-21 academic year began online, and the distance learning experience has been enhanced based on best practices learned during the spring semester. Protocols have been prepared which allow for face to face classes, distance learning and hybrid lessons. As of mid-October, Lise Prep and Lise 12 students have returned to campus for in-person lessons, and in November Lise 9 students followed. Towards the end of November, all education institutions for all levels switched back to distance learning. On March 2, Lise 12 students started face-to-face education. At the end of April, we again switched to distance learning for all levels. We have started the 2021-22 Academic Year in person and we hope it stays this way for the whole year.

In addition to curriculum enhancements, we have also made administrative adjustments and upgrades to the campus. These preparations for a variety of scenarios, will allow us to adapt quickly as the situation around Covid-19 changes. Measures taken include:

  • The RC Covid Response Team was established in March 2020. Made up of members from different departments, this committee addresses the learning needs as well as physical and mental well-being of our community.
  • The Robert College Board of Trustees has created a Trustee Covid Task Force to review and support the needs of the school.
  • A Health and Safety Policy and protocols have been prepared and communicated with the community.
  • Labels and signs have been placed around campus to remind people of best safety practices.
  • Registration for students joining Robert College during the 2020-21 academic year took place in person. We applied new safety protocols to ensure families were able to stay safe and social distance during registration.
  • To meet the new normal social distancing standards, renovations were completed, and preparations have been made throughout the school.
  • The physical changes include combining small classrooms and offices and converting common areas to classrooms creating larger and safe teaching and learning spaces and ensuring a safe distance between students.
  • Some faculty and staff offices have been relocated in order to have safer learning environments.
  • Following social distancing requirements, 10 extra residential rooms have been added by using common areas, i.e. study halls, lounges in the residences.
  • Faculty and staff offices have been updated to ensure safe working environments.
  • We have switched to a homeroom system with students staying in one room for their core classes, which will minimize traffic throughout the campus.
  • Touchless photo sensors have been installed on doors and in the bathrooms.
  • Sinks have been installed around campus to minimize crowding in the bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer and mask dispensers have been installed around campus.
  • Seating in large spaces such as the theatre and cafeteria has been labelled for social distancing.
  • In the cafeteria, cutlery and seasonings are individually wrapped. Water is available from touchless water fountains. Salads and side dishes are served on individual plates.
  • The Health Center has prepared protocols to manage any potential cases that may arise on campus, while continuing to support other health needs. An isolation room has been set up to examine patients at risk and refer them to a hospital if needed. The room will be sterilized after each use.
  • The frequency of routine campus sanitation and disinfection work has been reviewed and revised accordingly.
  • Thermal cameras have been installed at the school gates to check temperature of people arriving on campus.
  • Protocols and forms to be signed by the parents, before the start of the in-person lessons, have been prepared.

           If you have any questions or comments please contact the Robert College Covid Response Team at

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