Robert College is Turkey’s leading co-educational high school, offering students from all over Turkey a life-changing educational experience in a bilingual (English and Turkish) environment. Developing young people into global citizens and future leaders is at the heart of our mission, and our teachers play a pivotal role in this. Teachers must be fully competent in their field and excited by the idea of working with an unusually high number of very able students, in an intense teaching environment. Intellectually adventurous teachers find RC a true and satisfying challenge. 

Exceptional Students

Admission to Robert College is based on academic merit, and we draw highly motivated students from very different backgrounds who have a keen interest in learning (to see our student body profile click here). Robert College students go on to graduate from the best universities in the world (to see university placement results click here). 

Multi-cultural Academics

Students continue learning about their native language and national culture through Turkish Language and Literature and Social Science classes taught in Turkish by Turkish nationals. The remainder of their education is in English, as are the majority of the over 100 extra-curricular sports, activities and clubs offered each year (to see the student activities list click here). Students are frequently exposed to different cultures through faculty-advised educational exchanges, workshops and competitions outside Turkey. 

Strong Teacher-Student Bond

Robert College students stay for five years, with many of them in our residential program, giving faculty the benefit of closely following and therefore influencing their development. Our teachers also coach sports, lead clubs and advising groups, and guide student trips abroad, and in so doing, forge meaningful and long-term relationships with the students. The academic schedule provides time to work with students outside the classroom. 

Focus on Professional Development

The Robert College culture encourages teachers to continually grow and excel. The school provides professional development opportunities throughout the year and urges teachers to attend workshops and seminars to improve their skills and learn about the latest developments in education. The environment fosters collaboration between departments, and risk-taking and creativity is encouraged. 

Tranquil Environment in a Vibrant City

Robert College is located on a 65 acre wooded green campus in the heart of Istanbul. Breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and the city can be seen from several points around campus. This peaceful environment is complemented by the vibrancy of Istanbul, which is both a modern, fast-changing city and a historian’s dream as home to the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. As a crossroads of east and west for millennia, it provides endless opportunities for culture lovers to learn about ancient civilizations and discover upcoming trends. Many areas of the city are easily accessible from campus by public transportation.

*Commitment to international child protection standards

Aligned with international child protection standards, Robert College is committed to the safeguarding of children: its recruitment process includes a rigorous child protection element and detailed background checks.

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