Healthy development for life

The founder of Robert College, Cyrus Hamlin, was a strong supporter of the belief that for a complete education, the training of the body is just as important as the training of the mind. Throughout our long history, physical education classes have always been an important part of the curriculum.

The Physical Education (PE) Department aims to improve the quality of life of our students by increasing mindfulness of their bodies, to help them see that health and fitness are an integral part of their being and encouraging them to adopt this attitude for life. During their education at Robert College, we try to provide them with the skills, knowledge and concepts that will lead them to an active life.

Our students acquire leadership through team spirit. By being introduced to sports that are not common in Turkey, they learn about other cultures. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance by working on both mental and physical development, with the approach stated by Atatürk, “A healthy mind is found in a healthy body”. Our PE programs in English are student-centered and designed to meet the emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs of students, and to support their overall development.

The PE Department at Robert College is made up of a diverse faculty that represents different approaches in terms of teaching styles, sports, fair play, and thus gives students a variety of in-class experiences. Students are provided with a wide range of sports and club facilities and a rich sports program. Traditional sports include American flag football, ultimate frisbee, adventure training and golf. Our students have also created their own games unique to our school, including Forumball and Oneball.

RC Sports Teams and Activities
Floor Hockey
Running Club
Jiu Jitsu
Boy’s Table Tennis
Girl’s Table Tennis
Boy’s Badminton
Girl’s Badminton
Boy’s Tennis
Girl’s Tennis
Girl’s Flag Football
Boy’s Soccer
Girl’s Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Boy’s Volleyball
Girl’s Volleyball
Boy’s Varsity Basketball
Boy’s JV Basketball
Girl’s Basketball
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