In addition to learning concepts, techniques and algorithms, our school's English-language mathematics program is also developed to help students understand the benefits of mathematical problem solving. The courses cover the basic knowledge required for all of our students, and meet the different and advanced expectations of students who are interested in mathematics. In this way, our department raises leading individuals who are highly successful in mathematics and who take responsibility for their own learning. 

The biggest difference between mathematics and other branches is that in order to learn mathematical truth, students who are willing to learn are not required to have these truths taught to them individually. When students acquire the necessary concepts and techniques, they discover the mathematical truths themselves. Thanks to this approach, we not only provide more meaningful instruction; our students also gain the competence and flexibility to solve various problems, even if the conditions change. The use of graphing calculators in Robert College mathematics courses is compulsory. All courses are connected with real life and the real life application of mathematics is demonstrated through the use of technology. 

Mathematics courses are compulsory at our school during the Prep, 9th grade and 10th grade levels. Elective mathematics courses begin in 11th grade. These courses are intended for students who will continue their education in Turkey or abroad. The AP Calculus AB and BC classes build the foundation for numerically-focused students, while for 12th grade students preparing for the Turkish university entrance exam, there are 10 hours of elective courses including 5 hours of mathematics and 5 hours of geometry.  

For students who will go abroad we also offer advanced AP Statistics as well as graph theory through Discrete Mathematics, which is only taught in Turkey at Robert College, as an elective. 

Our Mathematics Department organizes international mathematics competitions every year at our school. Our students attend international examinations at all levels and demonstrate outstanding achievements at the international level.

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