The Robert College Science Department aims to help students understand the world and their environment, to enable them to take advantage of rapidly changing and developing technological discoveries in every field, and to give them the necessary knowledge and skills to have a rational and creative perspective from a scientific point of view. Our students gain a strong scientific foundation by developing their science and technology literacy skills through scientific research methods and laboratory exercises. 

The language of instruction for our science courses is English, including compulsory and elective courses, starting from the Prep level. Students are required to complete level one biology, chemistry, and physics, taking two of the courses in 9th grade and the third in 10th grade. Students choose the courses based on their interests and which advanced science courses they want to continue with in the upper classes. Elective science courses begin in 10th grade and continue with advanced level courses in 11th and 12th grades. Students who wish to continue their university education in science, engineering, medicine or related fields benefit from elective science courses related to the fields they wish to pursue. 

The second level biology, chemistry and physics classes help students prepare for the AP and SAT II exams, as well as the university entrance exam in Turkey. These courses will give students the knowledge, skills, foundation and self-confidence to prepare to study science, engineering, medicine and related areas at university in Turkey or abroad. 

Level three courses include Modern Physics, Electronics, Organic Chemistry, and Biology 3, which focuses on  human diseases. The science department also offers Biology 12, Chemistry 12, and Physics 12 courses that help prepare students for the Turkish university entrance exam.

Our science department places importance on co-curricular activities, and leads clubs like the Science and Medicine Community and the Astronomy Club, while also organizing science competitions and nature walks.

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