The primary philosophy of the Social Sciences Department is to help students to perceive society and the world holistically, to show them different ways and possibilities for finding solutions to the problems they face, and to provide them guidance and advice. Our teachers always support and direct students to look at the world from a wider perspective in a social and cultural context. 

Our goal is to prepare individuals for a local and global world by teaching them to be:  

●  Sensitive to multiculturalism, world citizenship and peace, the environment, universal rights, gender, otherization, freedom, democracy, equality and justice

●  Possessing concern for aesthetics

●  Able to understand the conditions and requirements of the 21st century, to be sensitive to the problems observed in the immediate and distant surroundings, and have the potential and equipment to act in this aspect

●  Respectful of the common production of humanity

●  Sensitive to information pollution

●  Using technology for accurate and useful purposes by keeping ethics at the forefront 

We develop our curriculum to enrich students' achievements and experiences in line with our philosophy and goals. Our sources cover all of the curriculum subjects and are selected in such a way as to make students think and question, and give students the opportunity to work with a variety of resources for different courses. 

Every year, new courses are scheduled based on students’ needs, and offered as elective courses. With courses such as AP Micro and Macro Economics (in English), Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Psychology, and Sociology, we aim to allow our students to expand their interests and gain insights into professions they may possibly pursue. 

Our Social Sciences Department hosts a World Philosophy Day conference every year for high schools in Istanbul. The event provides a platform for students from different schools to come together, examine the relationship between contemporary themes of philosophy, and share ideas. This workshop, carried out jointly with philosophy clubs from other high schools in Istanbul, is a productive, philosophical day in which both private schools and public schools look forward to attending each year. Our department also supports students’ preparation for and participation in various national and international philosophy competitions. The achievements of our students in this field every year reveal their interest and love for philosophy. The field of geography also introduces students to their peers from other schools, allowing them to work on geography outside the classroom, and outdoors. 

Robert College Radio and Robert College History magazine (Tarih), supervised by our department teachers, are co-curricular activities that produce wonderful work, and are of great interest to students. In addition, the Social Sciences Department supports our students in a variety of clubs including European Youth Parliament, World Scholars Cup, Debate, Model United Nations, Philosophy Club, Table Tennis, Ottoman Turkish and Interact Club, as well as Community Service Projects and other related activities held throughout the year.

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