The primary goal of Robert College's Art Department is to support students' creativity and intellectual development. The essence of our program is to give students the ability to think creatively, to introduce the correct ways to communicate through art and to make them aware of cultural diversity. 

Our aim is to provide an exceptional art education to our students. In order to achieve this, our teachers study and apply contemporary teaching methods. Students are encouraged to develop their aesthetic appreciation, and cognitive and technical skills through the individual attention shown in class and during co-curricular activities. The music and art programs are coordinated in unity and there is a balanced range of classes; students are provided with a variety in different areas and branches to choose from. 

At Robert College, students start with two hours of art and music per week in the Prep year, with alternating lessons. During the Prep year there are also creative art classes which combine different art disciplines. In the 11th or 12th grade, students complete the arts program by taking one or more of the rich art and music course options offered to them. Each student is required to take an elective art course as a graduation requirement. The language of instruction in art courses is English. 

Art activities are not limited to the curriculum, but are supported by co-curricular activities, club work, concerts and competitions. With various club projects and activities, students are given opportunities to explore their interests and talents in art and music. In addition to our exceptional orchestra, RC Singers choir, and clubs focusing on a variety of instruments, our students also work on the integration of art with technology, in groups such as the Modern Music Production Club.

Music department
Musical instruments; guitar, piano, percussion and many other instruments
Rehearsal rooms
Dance studio
Orchestra room
Music classrooms
Suna Kıraç Theater Hall
Art Department
Printmaking and printing equipment
Ceramic workshop and kiln
Alternative photography equipment
Digital photo printing equipment
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